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Heavyocity Punish v1.0.0 WiN | 158 Mb
From subtle warmth to extreme drive and compression,
PUNISH injects character and edge into any mix or
instrument track. It's the same PUNISH effect that you
know and love, as featured in Heavyocity's award-
winning line of virtual instruments, now in VST/AU/AAX
plugin format. Modeled after Heavyocity's custom analog
signal chains, PUNISH gives you control over
Compression, Saturation, Transients, EQ, and Limiting.
Chain the modules together to get that signature PUNISH
sound, or isolate them to experience each dynamic effect
on its own.And at the heart of it all is the global PUNISH
Knob. Simply set your ranges, and use the one knob to
dial in the devastation.Compression / Saturation
With three distinct compression models, the PUNISH
Compressor offers a wide dynamic range, topped off with
that classic analog warmth. The plugin features a smooth
Class A-style Buss Compressor (Console), an aggressive,
fat sound with a classic "knee" (Modern), and a warm
vintage limiting amplifier-style (Classic).The PUNISH
Saturation module also features three different models,
all with their own unique brand of warmth, drive, and
character. With a classic broadcast mic-pre (Vintage), a
chunky harmonic saturation (Modern), and a fat tube
saturation (Tube), the PUNISH Saturation module can
add a bit of grit to a track, or drive the whole thing into
overload.Transients / EQ / LimitingProviding control over
the attack, sustain, and output gain, PUNISH's Transient
shaping module brings stronger transients back into the
signal after saturating the sound. The module also
features Hold control to determine length of the
attack.The EQ module is basic but powerful, offering lift
of the high and low frequencies. Set the EQ to Pre or
Post to affect highs and lows before the Comp, Sat, and
Transient…or after.
To prevent clipping, PUNISH also features a Limiter at the
end of the chain. Soft clip amount and release time
controls are key, when that Saturation starts to get
things truly hairy.Download
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