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[/img] 8Dio Guitalele KONTAKT | 4.26 Gb
Welcome to 8Dio’s New Advanced Guitar Series – a
quantum leap in acoustic sampling. Everything is designed
to be highly intuitive, easy-to-use and most importantly
completely realistic. It simply just works.The 8Dio
Advanced Guitar Series: “Guitale” is a hybrid guitar-
ukulele instrument with a soft and emotional tone to it.
The instrument (also known as Kiku) is a crossbreed
between a classical 6-string nylon guitar and a baritone
ukulele. You get the more precise and tight sound of the
classical guitar – combined with the more gentle
characteristics of the ukulele.At the core our of New
Advanced Guitar Series is two parallel sample engines.
The engines support each solo guitar and strum-based
guitar.The idea is to let the engines do the work, while
you do the driving. The solo engine is based around a
variety of new recording techniques – that gives you
completely realistic and fluent legato/hammer transitions
on overlapping notes and a variety of additional AI
triggered x-noises. The strum engine allows you to
virtually create any rhythm and chord you could dream
of. The engine is designed as a step-based sequencer
and is incredibly easy and intuitive to use.
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